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McDonald’s McDVoice Survey – – Win FREE Food

Giving you an opportunity to talk to the company directly and express your thoughts and opinions, McDonald’s is hosting the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey over at The basis of this online feedback form is to bridge the communication gap between the loyal customer that keeps McDonald’s in business and the executives behind the table who make the decisions that matter. For all your efforts, you stand a chance to win free food from McDonald’s on your next visit.

While upholding a high rate of customer satisfaction is bare essential for any business regardless of the industry, the food and service space can only survive if the customer is being taken care of in every way possible. McDonald’s has been a reputation that is built on trust between the brand and the customers, the exclusive way it caters to families and children, and the warm environment it has created which is best described by its “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan. The McDVoice customer satisfaction survey makes the process of communication between the end-consumer and the chain of restaurants easier by taking things online. In return for the time and effort that you invest in helping McDonald’s improve its customer satisfaction rating, you get rewarded in the form of validation codes that can be traded in for free food at a McDonalds near you.

Why the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

When it comes to going out with the family to enjoy a Happy Meal with the kids, or just binging on some McNuggets and that iconic Honey Mustard dip – McDonald’s always makes up for a joyful experience. Considering the sheer size of this gigantic chain of restaurants and the hundreds of thousands of employees on its payroll, expecting a flawless service each time is a bit of a stretch. There can be some unfortunate moments when your order is not as enjoyable as you had hoped for it to be, or you could get into a struggle with the staff that may ruin your appetite and mood for a delicious meal. McDonald’s is committed to making sure that not only each of these incidents is reported back to them, but the company wants to make sure that the next time you visit any of its thousands of locations, your dining experience will be stellar, just as it should be.

With millions of customers across the country making visits to McDonald’s locations every day, how can the company keep track of the customer experience and improve the satisfaction rating? Here’s where the McDVoice customer feedback survey being held at comes into the equation, giving the company a way to reach out to customers even after they have exited the stores. Since the survey is entirely conducted online, it helps McDonald’s get positive as well as critical feedback from its customers even days after their dining experience, while making it more convenient for the restaurant goer to highlight their likes and dislikes. Since a happy customer directly converts into a returning customer who always spreads a good word about the business, McDonald’s does not shy away from rewarding you for taking out the time and filling the feedback form. In exchange for the valuable insight that you provide, McDVoice survey qualifies you to receive validation codes upon completion, which grants you offers and free food items.

How to WIN Free Food in McDVoice Survey –

There’s an entire generation that has grown up craving McDonalds and spent countless times finding a way to get a Happy Meal out of each visit. If you are among those who have something constructive to say about the food products served at your favorite fast food restaurant and the service that is offered the staff, the McDVoice survey is the best way for you to do it and here’s everything you need to know to get started with it:

Survey Requirements:

  • Every time you visit any of the McDonald’s restaurant, you will receive an order receipt with a Survey Code printed on it. This is essential for entering customer satisfaction online through the website.
  • Since the survey is conducted online on the McDVoice website over at, you will need an active internet connection on your browser to participate in it.
  • As a person who wishes to participate in the McDonalds survey, you need to be at least 18 years or older.
  • The order receipt with the printed survey code is valid for use within 30 days of your visit to the McDonalds restaurant.
  • If you wish to enter the McDonalds feedback survey, you need to be a legal resident of the United States and adjacent U.S. Territories.
  • The feedback survey from McDonald’s is available in both English and in Spanish language, so you must be literate in either of them to qualify for participation.
  • As a McDonald’s customer, you are eligible to participate in the feedback survey up to 5 times each month per branch.
  • After the completion of the survey, you will be issued a McDonald’s validation code which can be used within 30 days of the receipt date.

Survey Restrictions:

  • McDonald’s is looking to gather honest feedback from actual customers who have real issues with the food or service. Any feedback that is noticed to carry a clear bias against McDonald’s or its specific employees will be discarded.
  • If any participant in the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey is found to be under the required age of 18 years, their entry will be terminated.
  • If you are an employee of McDonald’s or a family member of an employee, you are barred from entering the survey. The same goes for promotional partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, and advertising partners of the brand.
  • Any attempt that made to temper with the McDonalds customer satisfaction policy is a violation of U.S. civil and criminal laws.
  • As a customer, you are restricted to entering the McDonald’s feedback survey only 5 times each month per branch.
  • The validation code that you will receive after completing the McDVoice survey is valid only once per use.
  • The reward you receive for completing the survey cannot be transferred over to any other customer.
  • The receipt along with the validation code will be considered as expired if not redeemed within 30 days of being issued.

Survey Participation Instructions:  

Before you even begin the process of entering the McDonalds customer satisfaction survey, take a moment to understand the eligibility and restrictions. You must also maintain complete honesty when offering a description of your dining experience during your last visit to McDonald’s.

  1. Using a computer or your phone which is connected to the internet, head over to the official McDVoice customer satisfaction survey website here –
  2. On the main screen of the McDonald’s survey, you will be able to see the welcome screen with general instructions on how to go about it.
  3. The main screen itself allows you to click on the Español button and change the survey language to Spanish if you wish to do so.
  4. Take out the order receipt that you received after your last visit to a McDonald’s restaurant near you.
  5. You will find a 26-digit survey code that is printed at the very top of the receipt, which you need to type into the survey website to begin.
  6. If you don’t have the 26-digit code, click on the link that is present right beneath the picture of the order receipt on the website.
  7. Here you can enter the details such as Store No., KS No., Date of Visit, Time of Visit, Order, and Amount Spent to begin.
  8. You will be asked questions during the survey that are based on the food you ordered, the quality of the service you received, the cleanliness of the McDonalds location that you visited and more.
  9. Once you have completed the McDonald’s survey, the final screen will present you with a validation code.
  10. Simply write down the validation code and the next time you visit any of the McDonalds locations, present this validation code to avail your rewards.

Resources & Links

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McDonald’s Privacy Policy webpage link:

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Terms of Service for McDonald’s survey:

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About McDonald’s

If there ever was a fast food franchise that did not require an introduction to be recognizable, it certainly is McDonald’s. What started out as just a humble hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California, has now evolved to become the most successful for restaurant franchise business in the history of not just the United States, but the entire world. The champion of its industry that wears the crown of the largest fast food restaurant chain by revenue, McDonald’s is spread across the world with roots in more than 100 countries and 35,000+ outlets that serve more than 65 Million customers each day, every day. Being a pop culture icon for its hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, and breakfast menu items, McDonald’s has evolved over the years to become increasingly regional by including international menu items across different regions globally.

Being the second-largest private employer in the world behind Walmart, McDonald’s has a total of more than 1.9 Million people in its workforce. Headquartered in Chicago since the year 2016, McDonald’s has grown virally across Asian markets in the past decades. From serving the most expensive Big Mac in Switzerland to the cheapest one in India as the Maharaja Mac, McDonald’s has also tailored its restaurants to serve different needs. For instance, the McDrive concept of restaurants opened near highways cuts on costs by restricting the seating area and no counter service, which is not essential in the first place. Additionally, the company has also taken over the coffee space with the McCafé concept which combines coffees, milkshakes, teas, and even desserts and serves them as a separate entity.

History of McDonald’s

Founded all the way back in 1940 by brothers and entrepreneurs Richard and Maurice McDonald, their very first venture in the form of a hamburger restaurant. It was not until the year 1953 that the brothers opened up another franchise in Phoenix, Arizona and incorporated the Golden Arches, which become a legendary logo of McDonald’s as we know it to be today. However, it wasn’t until the involvement of businessman Ray Croc in 1955 when he joined the company as a franchise agent, and then later proceeded to purchase the company from the McDonald brothers. McDonald’s coined itself as a trademark back in 1961, and the company continues to renew the trademark, and that is when the first glimpse of the modern McDonald’s logo appeared.

By improving the financing and franchising structure of the McDonald’s brand, Ray Croc helped turn McDonald’s into a symbol of American globalization across the world as it is known today. While McDonald’s may on paper by a giant chain of restaurants, which helps the company rake in more than $20 Billion in revenue each year is the way Ray Croc structured the franchise model. McDonald’s today owns all of the land on which the restaurants are built, which holds an estimated value of $18 Billion in the United States alone. Over the years, McDonald’s has owned other popular brands and invested in their stocks as well, such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Donatos Pizza, but has since divested and concentrated on the core brand alone.

Final Words

It may the non-traditional structure of the business that may have helped McDonald’s become the global phenomenon that it is, but the customer continues to hold the lifeline to this multi-billion-dollar giant. The larger the name of the brand is in the food industry, the more it is susceptible to being severely impacted by one wrong move, which is why every major restaurant chain out there is so heavily invested in keeping the rate of customer satisfaction to an all-time high. The McDVoice customer satisfaction survey that has been set up by the company over at is just the right platform for you to connect on a personal level with the management over at McDonald’s and make your voice heard. If there’s any doubt that you have regarding the survey requirements or questions related to it, be sure to ask away in the comments section and we will be sure to respond.